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Microwave technologies to clean Water, to clean the Air, and the Earth
Microwaves are a green technology, which reform pollutants in environmental solutions
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Activated carbon
It is used to clean water, purify food, beverages, medicines, herbicides, pesticides and offer water quality that meets the standards that living beings need.

Today it is used more than ever, as the water quality of aquifers in Europe has worsened and makes it mandatory to catch those pollutants that would affect us.

In the water we find pollutants that only activated carbon is able to trap, but the activated carbon when trapping those pollutants gets sick and must regenerate.

Our solution is to regenerate it clean it in the same place it working, into the filters where it is used.
Our equipment
Cleans the activated carbon, extending the life of this activated carbon and when we lengthen its life, we avoid the burning of wood for a new production

Active carbon is a solid, it is the largest microwave absorber.

Our equipment applies single-mode microwaves, these are the most powerful, with them organic pollutants are converted into a new biochar.

Our energy efficiency of 98%

The biocarbon is an environmental solution capable of cleaning the water, of trapping carbon dioxide, preventing it from passing into the air and  this nourishing our crops.

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